The exploration of human nature and interpersonal relationships is an area that I have always been fascinated with. I used to say:

I have no idea who I will be in the future, but I know I want to help people.

I was thinking of studying medicine and psychology. Finally, I decided that my ease with establishing relationships with people and the satisfaction they give me would help me find fulfilment as a psychologist. I was not mistaken.

I gained my professional experience while working with children, young people, and adults in psychological and pedagogical counselling centres, schools (both private and public) and as part of private practice in counselling and as a therapist. My services included diagnosis, therapy, and counselling.

Currently, I have my own counselling practice in Wrocław. I also work as a NLP Practitioner and Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner in Rugby, UK.

I graduated from:

  • the University of Wroclaw (I studied PSYCHOLOGY at the Faculty of Pedagogy and History of the University);
  • the two-year  COACH TRAINING ACADEMY  “SIEĆ” in Wrocław (recommended by the Polish Psychological Association), which prepares its students to conduct psychological trainings, workshops and cyclic group sessions (meeting groups, support groups, psychotherapeutic groups);
  • a two-year programme in SOCJOTHERAPY, PREVENTION and HEALTH PROMOTION  under the patronage of the Wrocław Psychoeducation and Therapy Laboratory PLUS (recommended by the Polish Psychological Association);
  • a two-year training  NLP PRACTITIONER called ‘Helping with the Change’ (recommended by the NLP CONNECTION, USA);
  • a three-step BACH LOWER REMEDY PRACTITIONER training (recommended by the Bach Centre, UK).

After many years of searching for broad and effective methods for helping people, I finally discovered the Bach Flower Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, the therapeutic approaches I currently use in my practice.