Bach’s flower essences are easy to use and form an extremely effective stress management system that is based on beneficial properties of the plants from which they are made.

For those who struggle with the effects of traumatic experiences as well as chronic or temporary problems, flower remedies provide a natural way to restore inner calm and regain control in stressful situations.

The method was developed by Edward Bach, an English physician who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. He claimed that the real cause of illness and disease lies in the personality, understood as mental and emotional patterns through which we view ourselves and the world around us. According to his approach, treatment should be adjusted to an individual rather than an illness. By balancing negative/detrimental emotional and mental states, we can help our body unblock the self-healing mechanism.

Dr Bach showed interest in patients as humans rather than ‘medical cases.’ From the beginning of his medical career, he became more and more disillusioned with the limitations of conventional medicine that focused on symptomatic treatment.

As he was convinced that effective treatment should address the causes of a disease, he began a successful experimental study in the field of bacteriology. He created the Seven Bach Nosodes, which were oral vaccines based on seven different intestinal bacteria isolated from chronically ill patients. He achieved spectacular results, both in terms of improving patients’ general health and in treating chronic diseases (such as arthritis).

While the medical world accepted the vaccines (they are still used by some doctors), Dr Bach was not satisfied, as the vaccines were bacteria-based. He began experiments with plants to find a milder form of interaction.

He noticed that people who share similar personality characteristics tend to suffer from similar illnesses, and that the way they go through them (different for different types of personality) has a significant impact on the process of recovery.

He made extracts from two plants (impatiens and mimulus) by the same method he used to produce vaccines, and successfully prescribed them to patients with specific personality traits. This was the beginning of his work on the new treatment system. Encouraged by the effects, Bach spent years developing a mixture that consists of 38 extracts and is still used throughout the world.