The essences (remedies) are carefully selected to help us get our emotional balance restored and regain lost calm, vitality, clarity and joy of life.

They are taken on a one-at-a-time basis or in sets (the maximum dose times 7 in one set), matched individually as needed. They are applied temporarily to alleviate acute emotional states in urgent cases and current mood swings, as well as on a long-term basis when suffering is related to deep-rooted problems or personality traits.

Each of the 38 remedies corresponds to a specific emotional state. Remedies are selected based on current emotions, moods, and personality traits (from a person’s point of view) to transform negative emotions into their positive counterparts (for example, intolerance will be changed into understanding others and resignation will turn into hope).

Although the Bach flower remedies will make you feel better emotionally and reduce the symptoms of stress, thus improving your health, they are not a direct form of treatment of illness and physical ailments.

The remedies can be prepared using two methods: the sun method and the boiling method. In both cases the mother tincture is made. Chemically, it is pure spring water with a bit of alcohol, but its energetic properties correspond to the energy characteristics of the plant from which a remedy was made. Drops taken according to a specific procedure change the energy properties of water in our body, which directly affects our well-being.